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Chris Christie’s book flops and sells only 2,000 copies

Despite large amounts of mainstream media attention, Chris Christie’s new book sold only 2,000 copies.

Eric Boehlert tweeted:

Christie has been on broadcast networks, thoughl three cable networks, Sunday shows, HBO, and even got a primetime special, and none of that helped him sell books. Chris Christie was everywhere, and the result was that the American people still did not like him or care about what he had to say.

Chris Christie has always been a mainstream media creation. He’s running the corporate press, a so-called moderate blue-state Republican.

Christie has no future in 2024. He will continue to offer his opinions and suck at Donald Trump while pretending to be moderate as long as anyone will give him airtime.

There is no market for Chris Christie. America is not shouting for a Christie return.

If anything, the book sales figures suggest that what the American people really want is for Chris Christie to get off their televisions and walk away.

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