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“It’s not science or medicine, it’s a political decision.” – Dr. and Col. Lawrence Sellin on current treatments for COVID

Yesterday retired Colonel and PhD. Lawrence Sellin shared an article at TGP where he claimed that the ‘smoking gun’ associated with the origin of COVID is related to the coronavirus itself and the cover-up surrounding it. Col. Sellin then discussed this article on the radio.

Below is the article written by PhD. Sellin with evidence supporting the fact that COVID was developed and released in China.

ROOKGUN: Despite efforts to protect US empire and powerful and civil servants – Designed mutations and cover-up itself confirm COVID-19 origin

Dr Sellin then shared further The Joe Hoft Show on his article and other thoughts on COVID-19. Here are some remarks from that discussion with Dr. Sellin.

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  • He was stunned when the American intelligence community said they had no idea where COVID came from. “When it is crystal clear, it is made in a laboratory in China. I think they were basically told to do it, because if you say it was made in a laboratory in China, they will have to do something about it. ”
  • “There are elements within the virus that make it clear that the virus did not come from nature.”
  • “For me, the smoking guns in this case have to do with the people who were involved, and especially Peter Daszak of the Ecohealth Alliance, who works very closely with the ‘batswoman’ Zheng Li Shi.
  • In response to dr. Navarro’s remarks that dr. Fauci committed the world’s biggest lie of omission by sitting next to President Trump and not telling the president that he was working with China on coronavirus research, Dr. Sellin shared: “If we had known very early on how this particular virus was created in China, we would have known something about, in particular, how the mutations developed. Because it almost seems like I can not prove it right now, it seems like the furin fission site was developed to mutate … you actually created a virus that would mutate and become more dangerous over time.
  • The new variant of South Africa requires a completely new vaccine.
  • We should not wait for people to go to hospital to treat them.
  • It’s not science or medicine, it’s a political decision.

Below is an audio of the discussion.

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