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Forbes recognizes mRNA vaccines Change DNA and then change the headline

In an article published by Forbes On Monday, the mainstream media acknowledged that COVID vaccines alter your DNA, but only indirectly and that’s a good thing.

Forbes published an article by Steven Salzberg entitled, “Yes, the vaccine changes your DNA. A Little Bit. That’s a good thing. ”

Forbes later re-titled the article, acknowledging that “Covid vaccines do not alter your DNA – they help select cells to boost your immune response”. After being criticized by ‘vaccine cult’, the author changed the heading to emphasize that the vaccines “do not change your DNA” without changing any of the article’s content.

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Blaze Media report:

No editorial note or other explanation for the change was given by Forbes. While the original headline summed up Salzberg’s argument, it seems that the new headline slightly contradicts what he wrote.

Salzberg wrote the article in response to what he called “one of the common tropics” about the vaccines that are popular with those who oppose it: That the vaccines can alter or interact with your DNA.

The CDC lists this claim as a general “myth” about vaccines.

Salzberg explained that the CDC technically “had it wrong” in its attempt to give a simple rebuttal of the DNA claim. He described how the body’s immune system responds to pathogens such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus, by selecting antibodies that can recognize the pathogen, bind to it and destroy it.

“The way it does this is actually quite extraordinary: very small pieces of your DNA are cut together and glued together in millions of combinations, each of which makes a different antibody. Eventually, one of these antibodies ‘recognizes’ the pathogen (by binding to it), ”Salzberg wrote.

He went on to explain that successful antibodies are “remembered” by the immune system as special cells – called B cells – that have slightly altered DNA.

Read more here.

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