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Scottish rugby player Siobhan Cattigan dies suddenly at the age of 26

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Scottish international rugby star Siobhan Cattigan has died suddenly at the age of 26. Stirling County Rugby Soccer Club Tuesday confirmed.

The Stirling County Rugby Club issued a statement on Tuesday, four days after Cattigan’s death.

It is with a heavy heart that we pass on the news of the tragic passing of Siobhan (Shibby) on Friday 26 November.

Shibby has been a big part of County for many years and will be greatly missed by everyone at the club. She was central to the development of women’s rugby within the club & an inspiration for the girls in the youth department.

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Shibby was a teammate & friend and we regret her loss. Our love, thoughts and heartfelt condolences are with Shibby’s family during this devastating time. We very much hope their privacy will be respected by all as they deal with their tragic loss.

Her cause of death has not yet been announced. Speculation circulated on social media platforms that the vaccine had something to do with her death. The Telegraph made a report stating that it was not related to COVID-19 or the vaccine. Scotland police were not aware of her death, suggesting it was unsuspecting, according to Daily mail.

The Rugby World mourning and tribute was brought after Cattigan’s sudden death.

Over the past few months, dozens of athletes – especially soccer players – have suddenly collapsed while competing, because somehow they have all developed serious heart conditions despite their young age and peak physical health.

This alarming trend recently prompted a major German newspaper – Berliner Zeitung – to publish a piece that eventually drew mainstream attention to this epidemic by questioning why so many professional and amateur footballers fall like flies. Their report included a list of every notable soccer player they could find that was affected.

In total, they have only found 24 in the last few months.

The Daily Mail published an ‘investigation’ in the athletes collapsing in games and they came to the conclusion “it’s scary, but it’s a COURSE,” and adds that it is not necessary for people to panic.

Fake news media claims 5x increase in healthy world-class athletes suddenly collapsing while holding their chest is just a “coincidence” and nothing to panic about

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