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Mahie Gill to hook the knot with her resident partner soon? Actress says ‘Woh photo toh main social media pe zaroor daalungi’ | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Actress Mahie Gill likes to play unconventional characters on screen. In the same way, she lives her life according to her own rules, without complying with society. The actress, who has a five-year-old daughter, is very happy in a lively relationship with her partner, whose identity she has yet to reveal. Recently, the actress hinted in an interview that she may be getting married soon. She was quoted as saying by a leading daily newspaper: ‘This will happen in the near future, very soon. Woh foto toh hoof social media pe zaroor daalungi. ‘ When asked why she is not active on social media like her colleagues, or that she attends B-Town parties and promotes herself on various platforms, the actress admitted that many people advised her to be seen. She said, ‘They say to me,’ What are you doing? Why are you in this line? Why are you like that? Be seen ‘But I’m pretty happy. I’m barely there on Instagram, but I need to change it about myself. People need to know what’s going on in your life … However, I’m a very private person. I get this advice every day. ‘ Furthermore, when the actress was asked if she felt social media tended to focus less on the ‘craft’ and more on other aspects, the actress disagreed. She said: ‘Nahi, dikhte bhi hain aur fashion bhi hai, and at the same time they are also doing good work. I’m not talking about everyone. Social media has now become such a big thing. Aap jitna dikh rahe ho, views badh rahe hain. There are people like me who rarely visit these sites. Har ek ka apna keuse hai. No one is wrong. Tomorrow I may become one of those who are on social media all the time. ‘ A few years ago, when Mahie Gill was asked to reveal the identity of her resident partner, the actress said and we quote: ‘All I can say is that he is a Hindu son of Jammu and in Goa based. He’s in the hotel management business and we met 10 years ago on a cruise from Mumbai to Go. ‘

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