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Trump can get Stacey Abrams elected governor by having David Perdue Primary Brian Kemp

Trump is interfering in Georgia again, and this time he could very easily get Stacey Abrams elected governor.

David Perdue has announced that he is running for governor:

Trump has recruited Perdue to run as governor against Governor Brian Kemp because he wants to punish the Republican incumbent for not overthrowing the results in Georgia in 2020, and Trump also wants a loyalist as governor for his 2024 run at the presidency. Trump wants to make sure no one in the state will stand in his way in case he has to overthrow the 2024 election illegally.

Trump’s intervention in Georgia could be a disaster for Republicans

The last time Trump intervened in Georgia, the Republican Party lost both U.S. Senate seats in the state.

If the primary between Kemp and Perdue is as ugly as brutal as it may become, the Republican nominee could seriously weaken against the formidable challenge posed by Stacey Abrams.

As long as Republicans continue to allow Trump to interfere in their elections, they will run the risk of losing elections they can win.

For Trump, getting rid of Kemp is all about proving his power and revenge for 2020. Trump does not care about the GOP, and he could eventually make Stacey Abrams the next governor of Georgia.

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