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Reuters publishes Slapdash hit on The Gateway Pundit – do not know when Trump was president and misspell the name

Another coordinated attack recently hit the Gateway Pundit. This time it was from Reuters.

This time, they did not even know when Donald Trump was running for US President.

And they misspelled “Jim Hoft” – a seven-letter name.

TRENDING: Our response: Reuters publishes Slapdash hit on The Gateway Pundit – do not know when Trump was president and misspell the name

As the Gateway Pundit’s founder and publisher, I feel obligated to defend our integrity and record.

The political left is bankrupting conservative media.

They do this through legal advice, which brings harassment litigation against us across the country, but also by attacking our advertisers.

Now they are attacking us through our commentators. Because someone said something unpleasant or mean, and they quoted our writing, we should be held accountable for their threats and other naughty words.

We are even blamed for threats where our writing is * not * mentioned. This means that we are held accountable for the readers’ actions on apparently every topic we have covered.

This is a theory where we are not only responsible for our writing, but for the actions of the people who read our articles. According to their own numbers, it holds us accountable for the population that generates 50 million viewers per month.

This is the campaign of fear waged by enemies of a free press.

There is an entire left-wing industry that is funded, staffed and motivated to silence outlets they hate.

They do not care about facts and they are not motivated to improve public understanding. They are zealous in persecuting their enemies.

If law enforcement will not prosecute any of these messages mentioned in the Reuters hit piece as a real threat, then why are these threats being used to shut down the Gateway Pundit? This is because they were not serious threats, they had no real connection with the Pundit or our writing, and this legal theory is a degenerate distortion of the first amendment.

This attempt to silence dissenting views is astonishing in its own right, but even more so that the powerful offenders still call themselves the victims. Millionaire lawyers and multi-billion dollar law firms will spend endless amounts of money to make sure we can not discuss the facts on a single website that they do not like.

Our annual income is low, but our writing and analysis are top notch. Other outlets are afraid of what the discussion of truth might do to their profit point.

Outlets in America are afraid of who can sue you if you tell too much truth.

There are many websites out there that will give you clearly fake news. There are many sites that will give you what the media calls ‘disinformation’. I’m proud of the work and the real work the Gateway Pundit does every day. Our team and our stories give our readers what they need to see through the mainstream media’s lies.

To the media, the Gateway Pundit is all “fake news” and we are a ‘provider of misinformation’ and yet it’s hard to remember a single story we’ve ever been completely wrong about.

The same media that complains about us are the same media that gave no skepticism to the Russiagate hoax or the blatantly fake Trump dossier or the fake Ivermectin panic or Jussie Smollet or Nick Sandmann’s prosecutor or Kyle Rittenhouse’s prosecutors or Bubba Wallace’s’ syrup ‘at NASCAR or Althea Bernstein or the Mike Brown shooting or the Trayvon Martin case or the Duke LaCrosse scam or any number of fake news media panicked who committed leftist outlets and never apologized.

The media wants to say there was no voter fraud, to do so they did not investigate. The media stated the conclusion to the story without questioning any witnesses. Yet the Pundit has been working for almost a year to interview witnesses, document allegations, review evidence and present alternative analyzes and views to the public.

We do it neatly, with a minuscule fraction of even one of the mainstream media, but still they complain. They complain about our quality while attacking our ability to raise money. They attack our output while filing lawsuits about harassment to waste our time.

These are not people who care about the truth, they are just powerful parties.

We surpass NPR’s online presence, and that of USA Today, by mere pennies for our platform. The truth is cheap. Our layout has not changed much in a decade. People do not come to the Pundit for anything other than the truth.

Instead of complaining about how many people read the Pundit, the media might have to wonder why so few people see the low-quality journalism they produce.

The media lied for months, saying there was no 03:30 van delivering illegal ballot papers at the TCF Center in Detroit on election night. We were told there was no van, that there might have been one arriving delivering food to election workers, but there was no van.

When I published the video footage of the van, video for which no one else asked, for which no one else paid, for which no one else reported: I did not get praise from the media, instead I am permanently off Twitter of verban.

The incident that caused me to be banned from the most used social media platform, Twitter, was the truthful story we did showing a white van arriving at the TCF center at 3:30 a.m. and clearly passing ballot papers far past delivers the 8:00 pm election deadline.

I was banned from Twitter for telling the truth about the TCF Center’s security footage.

The media shifted the party line to say that it was only late counted ballots. But they ignore the fact that the van’s existence was denied until the Pundit reported it.

We do not propagate useless experts. We empower the public with repressed views.

For the crime of speaking too much truth, we are punished again.

In particular, we are not accused of putting false information into any story. It’s just that the exposed individuals choose to explain their email acknowledgments of law violation as jokes. This may be true, but it’s not unreasonable for people to think differently that they were not joking.

We have accurately noted that election officials spoke in email about the election fraud. Their only excuse is that they meant they were making a joke.

Note in the Reuters story how many times they try to blame the Gateway Pundit for threats where there is no evidence whatsoever that the person was motivated by the Pundit.

That’s how bad Reuters is with journalism. With no evidence, they make a connection that fits the agenda of pending left-wing litigants who happen to be civil servants.

When they were given the choice to support the government or a competitive media institution, they chose to lie to the government.

That’s why people do not read Reuters – and why more and more people read The Gateway Pundit.

The Gateway Pundit is only popular because we fearlessly tell the truth that is too often suppressed by the mainstream media. Our continued success is due to the repressed views that empower us, untouched by the lies told about us by Reuters.

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