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Watch as reporter Marjorie Taylor Greene shouts out for supporting domestic terrorists more than Capitol police

At a press conference with co-representatives Matt Gaetz and Louie Gohmert, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene suppressed by reporters on why she shows more sympathy for domestic terrorists than Capitol Police.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is called out


A reporter said he could not recall Greene holding a press conference to reject the cruel treatment of Capitol police at 1/6.

The Georgia Congresswoman replied:

You may not remember a specific press conference on police officers, but I have made many public statements and called out against all violence against police officers for the BL- yes, yes for the police officers, specifically for the Capitol Police here.

Congressman Gohmert sponsored a bill I co-sponsored with him to give, you know, medals of honor to award them for how they were treated during the Jan. 6 riot, but it also extended to police officers across the country. I’m not going to divorce them. I support our police a lot, and I have constantly exposed the violence here, so do not follow that route.

Greene, Gaetz and Gohmert fool no one

Greene, Gaetz and Gohmert are part of the performance artist-grifter caucus that Rep. Dan Crenshaw denounced. It was nice to see Greene called out for it and then show her true color by immediately trying to turn the question to Black Lives Matter.

If you do not remember any harsh statements made by Greene that denounce the Capitol attack, it is because they do not exist, and Greene spent her time turning domestic terrorists into martyrs.

The 1/6 committee examines Greene’s potential role in planning the attack, and it’s nice to see that the media is not falling for her domestic terror worship.

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