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Adam Schiff says Mark Meadows will be referred for criminal prosecution before Christmas

1/6 Committee Member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said the Committee wants to move quickly and referred Mark Meadows before Christmas for criminal prosecution.

Mark Meadows Gets Criminal Referral for Christmas

Video by Rep. Ship on MSNBC:

Schiff said when asked about the timeline for referring Meadows for prosecution, “We’m talking about it now. It will take time to committee report recommendation together, and of course we are at the end of the session, so we are try to make sure we can get done it quickly earlier we rest for the rest of the year. “

“Hallie Jackson asked if the committee was looking before Christmas, and Schiff replied,”Yes, this is our hope and expectation we will move as soon as possible. “

Mark Meadows will be prosecuted for criminal prosecution

Meadows does not want to answer questions before the committee because he has criminal damaging information about the Trump coup plot. The former Trump chief of staff thought he could get away with handing over some documents and did not answer questions.

Mark Meadows was wrong.

It does not matter what happens in the 2022 election. Once the DOJ decides to prosecute, it is out of the hands of Congress. There is nothing Republicans can do if they win the majority to stop the prosecution of those who refuse to comply with the committee’s requests.

The 1/6 committee sends a strong message with its willingness to refer a former member of Congress for prosecution.

Every strategy that Trump and his associates have tried to derail the investigation has failed, and the refusal to comply with it could get Mark Meadows locked up.

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