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Joe Scarborough calls out Fox News for Putin propaganda

While discussing the conditions Putin sees for the invasion of Ukraine, Joe Scarborough pointed to Fox News supporting Putin.

Joe Scarborough says Fox News supports Putin


Scarborough said on Morning Joe, “I’m not going to name names, you know, but there’s a cable news channel that supports Vladimir Putin. That is what Vladimir Putin has to say. “

The Morning Joe host did not mention Fox by name because his program is in fierce competition with Fox and Friends for the best morning slot in the cable news ratings, but everyone knew who he was talking about.

Fox News is Russian propaganda

One of the many ways Fox News is undermining the United States and democracy is through their acceptance and washing of Russian propaganda. Fox News is the pro-Russia cable news network in the United States.

Russian state media have exposed Fox News as part of the Putin propaganda machine.

Fox News is how Putin’s message infiltrated the Republican Party. As Fox goes, the whole conservative media complex follows.

Fox is Russian propaganda.

Fox News is not journalism or pro-America. Fox is the network of division and authoritarian messages that radicalize millions of Americans to turn against their own country on a daily basis.

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