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Witnesses work with the 1/6 committee behind Trump’s back

Jon Karl reported that the 1/6 committee gets a lot of cooperation from witnesses close to Trump, possibly without his knowledge.


Karl said on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour:

The Committee does not count Bannon loses this case and then suddenly he decides to go come testify. It’s about sending a message to the other ear or or not they have to testify. So would the trial in July was better for the Committee to got it in April but it’s not a real blow to them. He is still being prosecuted.

He is still facing jail time, and they get a lot of collaboration, Brian, from witnesses, including witnesses very close to Donald Trump, witnesses to this day, many friendly and cooperative with Tcross. I do not know up to the degree with what Trump actually knows the collaboration of some of these people, but we know the high profile names, we know those who have been sued. There are many others that are quietly cooperate with the Committee.

Much of Trump’s presidency has been carried out behind his back, so Karl’s reporting is not surprising.

The committee is likely to get help from those close to Trump because they are out to save their own necks.

For a man who demanded loyalty from everyone around him, Donald Trump received very little from many who were close to him. The old saying that there is no honor among thieves is especially true if the subject is Trump and his crime ring disguised as a political party.

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