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The 1/6 committee bombed that Trump was ready to declare a national emergency to stay in power

Among the documents Mark Meadows handed over to the 1/6 committee is an email about how Trump can declare a national state of emergency to stay in power.

Hugo Lowell of The Guardian tweeted:

The Trump White House used the executive branch of the US government to attack the Constitution and the legislative branch of government.

It is impossible for Trump and his allies to deny that they did not try to overthrow an election and destroy democracy when the 1/6 committee has an important part of the plan in writing.

Trump was willing to do anything to stay in power, including pressure on states to overturn their election results, a physical attack on the Capitol, and the proclamation of a national security emergency to stay in power.

Trump tried to cause a national security crisis

The reason Trump did nothing to stop the attack on the Capitol is that he needed the violence to declare the state of emergency that would have allowed him in his mind to remain in power.

All the pieces work together in support of the goal of keeping Donald Trump in power by destroying democracy and overthrowing the election.

Trump could not keep his coup secret, as the 1/6 committee is gathering a ton of evidence, and piece by piece the whole picture of his coup comes into focus.

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