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See Susan Sarandon Go Country Wild in Monarch Sneak Peek

The spotlight is not big enough for all these drama queens.

Susan Sarandon, Find Adkins, Anna Friel and more stars in the exciting new upcoming Fox drama series, Monarch, which premieres January 30

A preview of an extensive trailer features the first family of country music with mother Sarandon leading as superstar Dottie Cantrell Roman. Her daughter Nicolette (Friel) inherited the same royal blood and is ambitiously aiming to snatch the crown when her reign ends.

At a sold-out show, the crowd cheers in delight at music festival waiting for the shows to begin. It’s an exciting moment for the music lovers, but for the Romans it’s just another typical family reunion.

Nicolette — from the stage waiting for her mother to finish smearing her lipstick before they sing — nods to her mother and says, “Should we?” enthusiastic.

“Us? They’re calling me, honey,” Dottie said. “Honey, what have I always told you?”

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