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Joe Biden talks to Jimmy Fallon in the first late-night show

Fallon later drew criticism online from Republican viewers after mentioning he was part of a “standing ovation” for Biden at the Kennedy Center, in part because the late-night host felt the president was “bringing class back” after Donald Trumpsee presidency.

This is not the first time Fallon has provoked political anger from his audience; in 2016, his interview with then-presidential nominee Donald Trump, during which the host the candidate’s hair pulls, wash widely criticized by Democratic supporters for his light-heartedness.

As Biden and Fallon’s conversation flowed, the president revealed that although he may have been vice president in the past, there were still a few things that surprised him and First Lady. Jill Biden when they moved into the White House.

“Jill and I come from middle-class backgrounds,” he explained. “We are not used to people waiting for us. In the White House, there is someone to make your breakfast, or someone to pack your clothes, or someone to carry your bag.”

They therefore entered into an agreement with their kitchen staff. “The guys who run the kitchen on the second floor, we did not let them in and did breakfast for us,” he shared. “It’s not necessary for them to have breakfast for us. We can make our own eggs or toss a bowl of cereal.”

When Jimmy asked if the president made his own eggs in the morning, Biden replied, “Well, I do not, Jill does.”

He told a story where his daughter was asked if her father could cook, to which she replied, “‘My father can not do much. He can boil water and make pisketti, but he can not do much else.”

“And guess what?” Biden asked. “She’s right.”

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