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Condemning coup evidence while Mark Meadows puts national guard on standby to protect Trump population

Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, has placed the national guard on standby to protect Trump insurgents, not the Capitol.

Politico reported:

Mark Meadows indicated in a January 5 email that the National Guard is on standby to protect “pro Trump people”, according to documents obtained by the House Committee investigating the Capitol riot, which the panel said Sunday night in described a public submission.

The context for the message is unclear, but it comes amid intense investigation into the guard’s slow response to violence at the Capitol on January 6 and conflicting timelines over their efforts by the Pentagon and National Guard leadership efforts.

The Trump White House had no interest in protecting the Capitol

The priority for the Trump White House was to protect the rioters who were trying to overthrow the election, not the Capitol and members of Congress. More context and information is needed, but with the first time, Meadow’s message is a clear indication of where the White House has placed its emphasis.

Trump and his staff were only focused on overthrowing the election. It appears that they deliberately left the Capitol vulnerable to violence.

Ordering the national guard to protect the Trump supporters would answer why action was taken faster to crack down on the violent crowd.

The fact that the White House did not activate the guard or let them have the Capitol protected on January 5 is enlightening.

Trump is never going to protect the Capitol because one suspects that the threat of, or violence itself, was part of the plan to overthrow the election.

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