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GOP Proven Wrong US Image In NATO Surges To New Highs Under Biden

Republicans claimed that Biden had hurt the US image abroad, but Gallup’s polling reveals that the image of the US in NATO countries is higher than it has been in years.

According to Gallup:

Gallup surveys conducted before Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 showed the image of US leadership was stronger across much of NATO than it had been in years, after languishing at low levels during the Trump administration. Between 2020 and 2021, US leadership saw double-digit gains in 20 of the 27 NATO members surveyed both years.

Ratings of US leadership in many countries in 2021 – including key NATO partners such as Germany and the Netherlands – matched or surpassed levels seen during the Obama administration.

The key is that these surveys were taken before Russia invaded Ukraine. The image of the US is likely to be even stronger now in NATO countries given Biden’s leadership and widely praised US-led response.

Republicans said that Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan hurts the image of the United States when polling reveals that the opposite is true.

President Biden has restored the approval of the US with key allies that Trump destroyed. The conventional wisdom was that the US could not recover from the damage caused by the previous one-term failed president this quickly.

Thanks to President Biden’s experience, steady hand, and leadership, the US is back and leading the world.

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