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Sophie Turner Says She Doesn’t Want Daughter to Be a ‘Nepotism Child’

  • Sophie Turner said she feels “strongly” about her and Joe Jonas’ daughter not becoming a “nepotism child.”
  • Turner told Elle UK that her child, Willa, did not ask for fame, so she will not impose it on her.
  • “We’re quite strict about that,” the actress said.

Sophie Turner said that she and Joe Jonas are careful to keep their daughter Willa out of the public’s eye and do not want her to become a “nepotism child.”

“I’m very protective of the life we’ve built,” Turner, who’s expecting her second child with Jonas, said of their relationship in a new cover story for Elle UK.

The “Game of Thrones” star said that she is especially protective of her daughter, born in July 2020because she did not choose life as a celebrity.

“My daughter never asked for any of this,” Turner said.

“I know what it can do to your mental health to be in this industry, and to be photographed every day and have the comments,” she continued. “It’s not something I want her to deal with unless she says, ‘This is what I want to do.'”

Turner added: “We’m quite strict about that. We’ll encourage her to do whatever she wants but I do not think we would professionally let her do anything until she’s 18. I also feel quite strongly about my daughter not becoming a nepotism child. “

Sophie Turner in a striped dress and heels standing taller than Joe Jonas in a striped shirt and suit.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have a daughter named Willa.

Jon Kopaloff / Stringer / Getty Images

Turner and Jonas wed in two ceremonies that occurred in 2019: a casual one in Vegas in May and a formal, more private one held in Paris in June.

While the Vegas ceremony was live-streamed by Di plo, a guest at the wedding, their European nuptials were much more guarded. To date, Turner and Jonas have only shared a few images from the Paris wedding.

When Turner became pregnant with her and Jonas’ first child, they maintained a similar level of privacy and did not comment on reports.

Even after the couple welcomed their baby in 2020they did not immediately confirm the name or post images on social media.

In a deleted Instagram story shared in May 2021, Turner slammed paparazzi for taking photos of her daughter without her consent.

“The reason that I am not posting pictures of my daughter and making sure that we can avoid paparazzi at all costs is because I explicitly do not want those photos out there,” she said. “She is my daughter. She did not ask for this life, to be photographed.”

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been married since 2019.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for The Met Museum / Vogue

In a recent conversation for The Wrap’s “UnWrapped “ podcast, Turner said that motherhood gave her a “different perspective” as an actor.

“The concept of family has made me an entirely much more emotional person,” she said. “The empathy is heightened; the feelings about family are just like overflowing. It made me a better actor for becoming a mother.”

She shared similar comments in her interview with Elle UK, saying: “The greatest thing in life is seeing my daughter go from strength to strength. We’re so excited to be expanding the family. It’s the best blessing ever.”

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