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British Foods I Missed While Living in the US, American Foods I Loved

Cadbury chocolate in the US is different to the original UK version.

Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

Newscast / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

While in the US, I visited Hershey Chocolate World in Pennsylvania, where I got to try samples of Hershey chocolate bars and Cadbury bars. Cadbury is a British chocolate brand, but it’s owned by Hershey in the US.

I was not a big fan of the Cadbury bars in the US. As soon as I tried it, I could tell that it was a different recipe, and in my opinion the original tastes better.

As Insider previously reportedCadbury chocolate bars have a slightly different quantities of ingredients in the US due to different labeling standards in both countries.

The two countries have a different fat content and cocoa content used in their recipes. The US Cadbury bars use only cocoa butter as the “fat,” in order to meet FDA standards, whereas the UK company uses vegetable oils such as palm and shea.

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