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5 Women’s Sun Protection Clothing Brands of 2022

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Most of us know that when we’re headed for a beach daybackyard BBQor home pool partywe need to slather on sunscreen to prevent sunburn and minimize the risk of skin cancer. But skin protection goes beyond sunscreen – the skin under your clothing can still be exposed to harmful UV radiation, too.

That’s why sun-protective clothing and accessories should be a staple of your summer wardrobe. The Skin Cancer Foundation says that sun-protective apparel like tees, shorts, pants, and even gloves are highly effective. These specially designed items feature tighter weaves than normal clothing which reduces the number of UVB and UVA rays that penetrate through to your skin.

To help you find the most stylish sun-smart offerings on the market, we’ve rounded up five fashionable brands that sell clothing with a minimum of UPF 50. We’ve also included a couple extra brands that sell hats, gloves, and various other accessories with UPF, at the end of this guide.

Here are the best sun protection clothing brands:

Best overall: LLBean
LLBean is a one-stop shop for summer basics for both men and women, including button-up tops, trousers, shorts, tees, and even dresses that feature built-in UPF 50 at a moderate price point.

Best sports: Athleta
If you like to be active while outdoors, Athleta’s on-trend activewear with UPF 50+ is just what you need.

Best designs: Lilly Pulitzer
If your warm-weather wardrobe is full of bright prints, Lilly Pulitzer’s UPF clothing will be right up your alley.

Best swimsuits: Lands’ End
If you spend your summers outside laying by the pool or hanging out on the beach, Lands’ End’s stylish UPF 50 swim and cover-up options will ensure your skin stays protected.

Best plus-size: Columbia Sportswear
Columbia Sportwear uses its proprietary technology to make high-quality UPF clothing for fishing, hiking, trail running, and traveling and is one of the few brands to offer sizes up to 5X and 3X for men and women, respectively.

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