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BGMS Day 2 Highlights: After a mesmerizing opening day, the second of India’s first-ever televised esports event, the BGMI Masters Series lived up to expectations as Team insane Esports delivered breathtaking performances to climb up the table. After eight enthralling matches across three different maps, Orange Rock Esports has remained at the top of the table with 81 points. Following them is team Team Insane Esports in second place with 78 points.

Team SouL’s consistent performances in the opening matches are keeping them ahead of the curve with an average of 15 points per game. So, let’s get into the match stories of day 2. Follow all the updates of the BGMI Masters Series with InsideSport.IN.

BGMS Day 1 Summary:

Match 1

With the table topper sitting out in this match because of group divisions, all eyes were on the fan-favorite Team SouL and they showed their intention from the get-go. Goblin survived only 21 minutes securing 5 kills (highest by any). Soul Hector was the pick of the team as he secured back-to-back finishes at the start of the final circles.

The final circle of the match was tantalizingly poised as three players of SouL, three from XO, and one from FS were battling it out for glory. Explicit of FS was outnumbered and eliminated early. Getting an advantage over the zone, Soul Akshat finished off handsomely to claim the chicken dinner. Although OR Esports remained at the top of the table while Team Soul reduced the margin and was placed at 4th after the first match.

Match 5 Rankings (Image Via – Loco)

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Match 2:

Match 2 started with much more expectations between Group A and Group C in Erangle. Popular teams like Team SouL and Chemin Esports showed their resilience while Team Insane Esports delivered dominant displays to claim the chicken dinner. The last circle was expected to be at Gatka where all teams were scattering for safe spots.

Meanwhile, Team Insane was very clever to choose a perfect compound to launch attacks with an impressive cover. Eventually, it helped them and they outnumbered Team SouL and Team Chemin Esports to claim the chicken dinner. Soul Omega helped the team to be consistent as they finished third (Only Omega was alive within the last nine teams). Mavi of Team Xspark was the MVP of the match. Team SouL came out of the syllabus to rank first after Match 6.

BGMS Day 2 Highlights
Match 6 Rankings (Image Via – Loco)
Match 3:

Group A and Group B faced off in Match 3 on the Erangle map. The intensity and skillset took center stage as the teams were fighting for points. What an end of the match we have had! A 1v2 clutch by Aadi of Team Insane helped them secure back-to-back chicken dinners. Aadi made a decisive move not to choose a fight with FS earlier and he took down two players of OR Esports including Atanki to secure chicken dinner. Xplicit from FS Esports was the MVP of the match. OR Esports reclaimed their top spot after finishing at the runners-up position.

BGMS Day 2 Highlights
Match 7 Rankings (Image Via – Loco)
Match 4:

The final match of the day was a repeat of the previous match on the Sanhok map. The mentioned map always turns out to be a perfect heal battle in the final circles for the players. As usual, the game was all about the circle and Team Blind was handed an advantage with the zone in the final circles. They eventually made full use of it by securing the Chicken dinner.

However, Jonathan of Team Godlike almost squashed all the plans of Team blind when he knocked down one of them. Eventually, Jonathan was spotted and eliminated by Rege. One of the highlights in the game was Gamlaboyyyy (heal battle) who helped his team to finish second by healing 12 medkits out of the final circle as Team Blind got the victory.

BGMS Day 2 Highlights
Match 8 Rankings (Image Via – Loco)
Overall Standings:
BGMS Day 2 Highlights
BGMS Day 2 overall Rankings (Image Via – Loco)
BGMS Day 2 Highlights
BGMS Day 2 overall Rankings (Image Via – Loco)
BGMS Day 2 Highlights
BGMS Day 2 overall Rankings (Image Via – Loco)

OR Esports managed to maintain their lead over other teams as they remain at the top with 81 points while Team Insane claimed the second position with 78 points. Another surprise for all the analysts was FS Esports who are currently placed at 3rd without a single chicken dinner. Fan-favorite Team SouL is placed at 6th playing two games less than other top-placed teams. However, we are in the early stages of the long competition to have any say about the frontrunners.

BGMS Day 2 Highlights
BGMS Day 2 Finish Leaders (Image Via – Loco)

Day 3 kicks off at the same time today, Sunday, 26th June, at 8:00 PM. Catch it live on Star Sports 2 and Loco. For more highlights and updates on BGMI Masters Series. Stay tuned to InsideSport.IN

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