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‘I Have ZERO INTEREST in Anyone’s Judgments’

Actor Alec Baldwin interviewed Oscar-winning Director Woody Allen on Instagram Live Tuesday about the film industry, but both left out the controversies they’ve been involved in throughout their careers.

The duo, who have worked together on several films including “Alice” and “To Rome With Love,” avoided discussing Baldwin’s fatal shooting of the “Rust” cinematographer and the sexual assault allegations against Allen.

Baldwin announced the interview on Sunday via Instagram, stating that he had “ZERO INTEREST in anyone’s judgments and sanctimonious posts here.”

The 55-minute interview restricted comments from the public. There were several connectivity glitches and at one point, Baldwin shouted in Spanish at someone not in view during the stream, but the interview continued nonetheless.

Allen said Tuesday that he’d make “at least one more movie” but argued since the industry has evolved, a “lot of the thrill is gone.”

“People love sitting at home with their big screen and watching on their television sets, and they have good sound and a clear picture,” said Allen. “But it’s not the same as when I went into the movie business, so it’s not as enjoyable to me. I do not get the same fun as doing a movie and putting it in a movie house. … It was a nice feeling to know that 500 people were seeing it at once. “

Baldwin agreed, arguing that viewers “care infinitely less about experiencing the film in real-time, the way the filmmaker intended.”

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Approximately 2,600 viewers tuned in to the interview, NBC News reported.

Representatives for Allen and Baldwin did not respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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